When I was twenty years old, I took off on my first big trip alone. I was flying to Paris for six weeks for a partnership with a club I was involved in during college. Little did I know that the French culture and the constant unknown of a new city would captivated my heart so much. I was lucky enough to just be there but I was also given the opportunity to photograph a maternity session for the sweetest couple while I was there. We strolled through Champs de Mars Park and under the Eiffel Tower as the sun set while documenting that special moment in their marriage--their last adventure together before becoming a family of three. Walking home along those cobblestone streets that night, I was sure of two things: I absolutely adored traveling and I loved photographing people during my travels even more. 

This career has taken me up and down the west coast of America and to some unbelievable countries. From Thailand, to Scotland, to France.. all while photographing memories that myself and my clients will never forget. I have been constantly day dreaming of photographing couples in a few new locations so I figured, why not offer a sweet deal to those adventurous couples out there?? If you are getting married or eloping in any of the places listed below, shoot me an email to learn about the offer! And if you don't see your city listed (*cough* Italy *cough*) -- contact me anyways! I'm always open to new places!