UC Berkeley Botanical Garden Proposal | Jeremy + Cassee

Proposal are becoming one of my favorite things to photograph. There are so many heightened emotions, so much joy, plenty of happy tears + endless laughter that my little heart almost can't handle them. I appreciate all of you who have been so kind to the sweaty, crying womenphotographing your special moment because these moments are the reason I do what I do. 

Jeremy + Cassee's proposal was nothing short of precious. I've never seen such a genuinely surprised + excited girl as Cassee was when Jeremy dropped down on one knee. He led her back to the place they went for their first date, pulled out a journal where he had written down all of the reason he loved her. It was so quiet + secluded up there that I could hear every word he spoke even though I was hiding + boy was I a mess. Their love is so pure + honest, their hearts so in tune with one another. Wishing them both the happiest of lives together + if their emotions during their proposal were a sign of whats to come, they'll be wonderfully set for a life of happiness. xoxo.