Monterey Oceanside Wedding | Dakota + Meagan

I met these two beautiful souls when we first uprooted our lives and settled in Berkeley. Meagan was working along side me during our intership and Dakota was one of the students involved. Getting to know them over the years has been a treat, to say the least. They are two of the most humble, loving, supportive and hilarious people you could ever meet. They have that sense of peace that instantly makes you feel like you've known them your whole life. Their wedding day was nothing short of exactly who they are. It was filled with so much love from every heart in the room, unexpected twists, laughter, and tears of joy. 

"A week before our wedding I laid in a hospital bed, unsure of most things but confident in a few. The first was that I was going to have an emergency appendectomy. The second was that I knew I was marrying the right person, the man who would rush to the hospital, sleep less than I did, and constantly be taking care of me. Lastly I could be sure that our wedding wasn’t going to go the way I planned. Even though it would have been easy to be angry that all these unexpected things were happening (and trust me I was at times), at a certain point you realize that you are out of control and that you have to trust that things work out for good. With that I can now say, our wedding was better than I could have ever hoped or imagined.

The thing I remember most that day, in the midst of rain, in the midst of being in slight pain post-surgery, in the midst of all the unexpected, was the constant provision, presence, and love of God. He showed his love that day in the peace I found in his presence. He showed his love that day through the incredible love, support, and help of family and friends. He showed his love that day through the love Dakota showed me, as he committed his life to me through all the good, the bad, and the ugly. God showed his immeasurable love by pointing me to what truly matters. It’s easy to lose sight of what’s important on a wedding day, you’re worried about what others are thinking, or about saying the right thing, or about not tripping on the way up to the altar (of which I almost did). Sometimes it takes everything going unexpectedly to keep your focus on what really matters and letting go of the rest. God showed his love that day by lifting my eyes to see and enjoy some of the sweetest moments with Dakota, the greatest party with our friends and family in my backyard, and the humbling support and love of so many. Our wedding day was all of the unexpected, from surgery to rain, but I wouldn’t have traded it for anything else. It’s a constant reminder of God’s love and God’s provision of the wonderful man that I get to call my husband. Even though I know that life will only bring more unexpected, I’m glad I will always have him to rely on." (from the lovely bride)

It was truly a gorgeous day that won't soon be forgotten and that I'll weep over for years to come. Thank you for choosing me to capture your wedding day but thank you endlessly for allowing us all to come along side as you committed to forever. Congratulations and best of wishes in your new adventure together!

Ceremony Venue: First Presbyterian Church Monterey  |  Portrait Venue: Lover's Point, Pacific Grove  |  Reception Venue: Private Estate  |  Wedding Dress & Veil: Epiphany Bridal Boutique  |  Bridal Hairpiece: Untamed Petals  |  Make-Up & Hair: Sofia Sarlat  |  Groom Attire: Macy's  |  Caterer: The Wharf Marketplace  |  Dessert: Parker Lusseau  |  Wedding Invitations: Minted  |  Additional Artwork: Grace Wodecki  |  DJ: Tyler Chuck  |  Videographer: Caleb Aldrin