Atherton Wedding | Wally + Courtney

Wally & Courtney blew me away with their love story, their passion for each other, their gorgeous wedding day and even more beautiful smiles. It was such a perfect day to celebrate a long awaited union of these two in the backyard of Courtney's childhood home. They met in 8th grade (everyone who gave a speech at the wedding talked about how Wally proposed when he first met her and holy cute was it adorable to hear that!) and became friends through that year & high school, eventually moving up north where they both attended the University of Washington, Seattle. Their love story took them across states and even to India and Italy where they made pasta and ate gelato together every day for three months.

"We were really looking forward to our wedding - besides wanting to finally be married, we also wanted to have a great celebration with all of our favorite people that have supported and encouraged us over the years. We wanted really great food, awesome dancing and of course ice cream! The best part of the day was seeing each other for the first time at our first look. For me, I knew Courtney was going to look beautiful but to actually see her in her dress was absolutely stunning. She looked perfect. For her, I know that she was feeling a whirlwind of emotions and seeing me calmed her down a lot - she told me that when she saw me and we were together again, the chaos of the day ended and she was finally able to enjoy ever moment of our biggest day together." 

Congratulations to Courtney and Wally, wishing you the happiest of marriages & never ending amounts of ice cream! 

Ceremony Venue: Church of the Epiphany  |  Portrait Venue: Holbrooke Palmer Park|  Florist: Yumi Kelley|  Wedding Dress, Shoes & Accessories: Nordstrom  |  Wedding Veil: Blanca Veils  |  Make-Up & Hair: Krista Olsen|  Groom Attire: Nordstrom  |  Groomsmen Attire: Macy's  |  Bridesmaids Dresses: Lulu'sNordstromRent the Runway  |  Caterer: Wanderlust Catering  |  Ice cream: Smitten  |  Wedding Invitations: Mary Dryer  |  Invitation Calligraphy: Alyse Nikolao|  DJ: Diamond Dave  |  Wedding Planner: Spreading Lovely  |  Videographer: Trevor Hooper Films

Shout out to the talented Trevor Hooper for documenting Wally + Courtney's big day