Coyote Hills Fullerton Wedding | Lauren + Micah

A lot of photographers brag on their clients but you guys. I actually have the greatest clients on the planet. There is nothing more wonderful than walking away from a wedding at the end of the night feeling like I've known my clients for years, instead of just 8 hours. Lauren and Micah are two of the sweetest, tender hearted souls who's love for people and the world is so deep and raw. Their wedding was full of quiet moments, joyful tears (okay seriously scroll until you find the ones of Micah watching Lauren walk up the aisle... my heart. I was crying just watching him watch her) and family that had flown from out of state to celebrate the marriage that they had prayed for since day one. Lauren + Micah have a love that will carry them through anything life throws at them. Congratulations, friends. xoxo.

Venue: Coyote Hills Golf Course | Florist: Carol Cotton | Hair: Cassia Kehoe | Makeup: Stephanie Rivera | DJ: Chris Berry with Soundwave Production | Brides Dress: The Wedding Day | Grooms + Groomsmen Suit: Three Day Suit Broker | Bridesmaids Dresses: Azazie


Hume Lake Proposal | Chelsea + Michael

A few friends were planning on visiting Michael's family cabin in Hume Lake together and we were so excited to escape into the trees with pals... and then Michael called me to tell me what was actually happening that weekend and I couldn't breathe. I met Chelsea back in college and have been anxiously looking forward to the day she found her forever best friend.

We carpooled to princess meadows together and frolicked in the field, waiting for Michael to find the perfect spot to get down on one knee. His goal was to take some pictures of Chelsea looking away and when she turned around, he would be down on one knee... but Chelsea kept turning around to see if he got the photo and she caught him fumbling to get the ring out. It was cutest moment, the look on her face was priceless. You can read more about their story and proposal over on their featured post at How He Asked! So honored to be able to document this sweet moment between two equally sweet friends. I cannot wait for their wedding in August!

San Francisco + Marin Headlands Engagement | Kristen + Jimmy

Kristen told me where she wanted to do her engagement pictures while we were sitting at a little alleyway coffee shop in San Francisco before they had even booked me for their wedding. We had just met + I was already losing it over their story, what she values in their wedding day + then she mentions that she wanted to do her engagement photos in the Marin Headlands overlooking San Francisco... because that was where she did her final portfolio project when she took photography in college + now it's the backyard of the town where they met. She flew all the way from Texas to California to visit family + shoot for her portfolio. It was so clearly dear to her heart + I was getting so giddy listening to her talk about why that area was special to her now that she met Jimmy + they call SF their home together. You guys know I'm weak for a happy ending. 

They are two of the sweetest people + can we talk about how they are total babes? Like seriously. Babes. I had such a blast photographing them + am DYING for their wedding day. It's going to be perfect + let's be honest, I'm probably going to cry through the whole ceremony. 

Historic Carmel Mission Wedding | Michael + Michelle

I had the opportunity to meet + photograph this gorgeous couple while I was second shooting alongside the amazingly talented Michelle Lillywhite. It is always so fun when I second shoot because I have no idea what I'm walking into since I've never met the couple before but I am constantly amazed by how welcoming + sweet everyone is to the new stranger at their wedding. Michael + Michelle were exactly that. They were so kind that it felt like I had known them for so long, not just five hours. It was apparent that the love I felt from them went deep into their relationships. Their friends + family were so excited for them + so supportive. It made the day so easy to photograph, not to mention that they were absolutely gorgeous + their venue.. oh their venue. It was a photographers dream. Thank you so much to Michael + Michelle for welcoming me into their special day + to Michelle Lillywhite for bringing me along to photograph this perfect day. 

San Luis Obispo Military Engagement | Adam + Devin

I'm one of those girls that weeps, WEEPS, uncontrollably at coming home stories. I spent four years doing long distance with Josh + it was exhausting, hard, + lonely but I could still talk to him + we could see each other when we wanted. I feel like I only know *maybe* half of the heart ache of doing military long distance. There's no control, things are constantly changing + you can go months on end without the littlest inkling of communication. That joy + inability to breathe because you're so happy when you finally see each other after a long time apart must be four times more overwhelming + magical after a deployment. 

Adam + Devin went through the ringer with his deployments. Short + long stints, surprise deployments, unexpected changes in his return dates (time + time again), planning a wedding, you name it-- they faced it. Adam finally made it back home to San Diego after 216 days apart from Devin, who was waiting for him at the base with a videographer to capture the moment.

I had plans to meet them in SLO a few days later for their engagement session so I was checking in to make sure plans were on track + she puts up a link to their Homecoming video... y'all. I was wrecked. Like sobbing. I had spent months emailing Devin + building an attachment to their story + then she just throws this perfectly cute video at me when I was least expecting it + I couldn't breathe. They are so perfect together + I feel so lucky to have been able to do their engagement session within just a few days of Adam's return because emotions + snuggles were HIGH. It was one of the most adorable sessions I've been able to photograph -- their love and excitement to be back together + getting married soon was so obvious + literally perfect.